Water Treatment Services – Open and Closed Systems

Closed Systems

Closed heating & chilled water systems have their own particular brand of problems regarding water.
Treatment – particular attention needs to be applied to the following elements:

  • Corrosion – Due to dissolved oxygen corrosion and suspended solid erosion
  • Scale – Resulting from excessive water make up
  • Bacteria – Certain bacteria thrive in the closed system environment and can cause severe corrosion and blockages
  • Fouling – As a result of all the above items

Aquafine (UK) can analyse your closed systems and recommend the appropriate treatment programmes to minimise the impact of corrosion, scale, bacteria & fouling. Our comprehensive range of corrosion inhibitors and biocides will help maintain the effectiveness of your systems and increase longevity.

Open Systems

Systems such as evaporative cooling towers, swimming pools, spa pools and Jacuzzi’s require stringent treatment and analysis programmes as these systems would have a greater impact on the local environment should any bacterial contamination occur. We can offer a bespoke chemical treatment and / or bacterial monitoring regime to ensure that your systems efficiently, economically and with minimal impact to the surrounding environment.



Replace WTS

Contact us to discuss your water treatment requirements, one of our consultants will be more than happy to give you advice or met at your premises to see how we can be of assistance to you.

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